Detoxic and Bactefort are monetary parasites

Tempting promises, suspicious business conditions and high price. Who actually sells Detoxic or Bactefort and what are the experiences of the people who tried the product? “Detoxic is a reliable remedy against parasites! (Bactefort – quick release from all types of parasites!),” promises the Internet website. The aim of the advertising is not only Germany, […]

Health Situation In Developing Countries

All across the world, there are people living in poor countries who can’t get the healthcare they need because their governments can’t afford to get their people the proper services that are required in order for them to be able to live a long and healthy life that they deserve to. When people can’t get […]

Africans hope Taylor case sets precedent / Where Will Africa Trials Lead? / Era of impunity wanes for African leaders

A former Chadian military leader accused in the deaths and torture of thousands of opponents lives in this pleasant, seaside capital [Dakar, Senegal]. An infamous Ethiopian dictator has a haven in Zimbabwe. Uganda’s Idi Amin, perhaps the most notorious of all, died peacefully in his place of refuge, Saudi Arabia. When Africans play “Where are […]

African warlord Taylor faces court in Sierra Leone

A new preview story by Reuters’ Nick Tattersall… One of Africa’s most feared warlords, former Liberian leader Charles Taylor, is due in court in Sierra Leone on Monday charged with backing rebels who mutilated and raped civilians during the country’s civil war. Taylor faces 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for helping […]

Sudan blocks top UN official from Darfur / Norwegian NGO forced to leave Darfur refugee camp / Rebel attacks in S. Sudan threaten aid delivery – UN

Ten semi-related stories from throughout the day (most from within the past few hours): (Many, many thanks to Eugene for being able to post some of these earlier.) From the UK’s “Times”… Sudan has barred the United Nations’  top humanitarian official from visiting Darfur, raising fears that the government is trying to obscure the current […]

When poverty makes you ill

Health is an expensive commodity for many people. Approximately 1.2 billion people in our world live in extreme poverty. They live in slums and have less than a dollar a day at their disposal. Poverty leads to poor health because it causes people to live in conditions that make them ill. These include lack of […]